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The Orioles Debuted A New Home Run Celebration Last Night: Purple Nurples In The Dugout

The Orioles have been at the forefront of home run celebrations for the last 2 years, last year it was the home run chain and this year it's the dong bong. Not a coincidence they've been one of the best teams in baseball since debuting the celebrations either. But  last night after Gunnar Henderson's massive game-tying home run in the bottom of the 7th we saw a new celebration that may or not take the league by storm. The purple nurple. Yup, you remember purple nurple's from middle school most likely. Well they're back in a big way thanks to Colton Cowser and Gunnar Henderson.

Wikipedia says a purple Nurple is "A school prank, the act of taking a person's nipple between the thumb and forefinger and then twisting it around roughly". Boy does that bring back some memories. Never forget when Chris Becraft missed my nipple and just grabbed my skin and twisted and actually gave me a purple and black bruise, that was fun. 

But anyways, we're back baby. Gunnar his a massive bomb, comes into the dugout and hits the dong bong and then heads over to his good friend Colton who proceeded to give a double PN. Both nipples grabbed and twisted. He knew it was coming, let out a little smile and took it like a man. I don't know if this one will stick as well as the chain or dong bong, but it was hilarious to see get broken out at a huge moment in the game. Nice to see that these guys are loose and don't mind getting a nipple twisted every now and then. Just some casual locker room stuff going on here. I'd have loved to get manager Brandon Hyde's thoughts on it, I'm sure he has some interesting stuff to say about seeing that.