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Eminem Dropped In As A Surprise Guest At Ed Sheeran’s Concert In Detroit

I was speaking with someone about this the other day, it seems like music more than any other profession is where the respect of colleagues is at an all time high. In sports people respect the greats, but there’s an element of trying to tear down the best or find the next one better. People have tried that on Jordan for 30 years. In medical practices, people without a doubt go to get a second opinion. But with music … musicians seem like they respect other musicians and honor them rather than try to show a way they are better. 

Take a look at how many musicians and musical artists say their inspirations growing up and how many range from rap to jazz to pop etc. There is rarely people being motivated by one genre instead they treat music like an all you can eat buffet and they consume as much of it as they can and always try new stuff. 


I believe I cemented this opinion when I heard one of the best covers of my life by Coldplay’s Chris Martin shortly after Adam Yauch died. 

I was in awe of how beautiful that was and that while Coldplay and The Beastie Boys styles were vastly different…. Martin didn’t give a shit he still respected Yauch and their group as all time greats and honored him the best he could. I love seeing stuff like this when different genres overlap. 

 I had the pleasure of seeing Eminem with Jay Z at Yankee Stadium in 2010 and was in awe of the energy he brought. Also think Em despite how many people he’s insulted over the years respects the shit out of a guy like Ed Sheeran and his catalog. 

I’m not sure this was as good as Eminem and Elton John shocking the world at the Grammy’s but it was a fantastic combo. Awesome video.