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Just When I Thought The Mets Had Done All The Embarrassing Things Possible On A Baseball Field They Go And One Up Themselves By Letting A Ball Smash Off Their Third Baseman's Face

It's really sick. Even in a game you weren't that invested in because to put it in Nascar terms, The Mets have been lapped like 100 times, the Mets still find a way to make you angry and embarrassed. We're 100 games back in the division and still need a miracle to even sniff the Wild Card being being 8.5 games. They could get it to 1 and I still wouldn't believe at this point. The team is a mess. The season's a mess, and it's embarrassing. 

I really thought I had seen it all. Kenny Rodgers, Timo Perez not running it out, countless blown saves, blown leads, God knows what other losses I am forgetting. And yes of course this gave me Luis Castillo 09 vibes.

It's just almost amazing at this point have truly putrid and embarrassing this team can be. I just want to watch baseball and not be a punchline ... you can be bad, you can go cold, hell you can even lose. Just stop being a punch line is that so much to fucking ask at this point? 

PS - Frank was right ... but he still shouldn't have left the game early. Despite the result as my Dad always taught us ... "never. leave early you could see something you never saw before." I don't think he had a pop fly to the face on the list when he said that but ..;. The Mets baby!