Zero Dark Thirty—23 Mode Returns: LeBron Switches His Number Back To 23 Out Of Respect For The Late Bill Russell

Selfless king LeBron just broke the Internet on a Saturday night by announcing he's heading back to number 23 in respect for Bill Russell. If you remember, the league retired the jersey after he passed unless you were grandfathered in, and LeBron kept it for one final season to honor him. Good news for us Lakers fans, because #23 Bron is just a different animal:


How do you not responsibly bet on the Lakers to win the championship after hearing this news? The last time LeBron wore 23, the Lakers won the hardest championship in NBA history in the bubble! And, who can forget, the return of Zero Dark Thirty-23 Mode for the playoffs?!

Thank you selfless LeBron and this is the official signal that the Lakers are BACK! 

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