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Future MLB Superstar/Hall Of Fame God Johan Rojas Had One Of The Greatest Defensive Debut Innings Of All-Time


He was also responsible for the 3rd out in the 1st, too. What an awesome start to hopefully an awesomer(?) career for young chap Johan Rojas. In a Phillies farm system that was all but dead and dickless just a few years back, this kid has blossomed out of nowhere in the minors and gets his shot up from AA at just 22-years-old. 

Just an overall great kid and story to root for. He also seems like a fun dude to have on the squad, win or lose. Hence the L here. 

Good on Rojas for living the dream and making it happen. Hopefully it's all gravy from here on out. Best catch in CF at the Bank since one Aaron Rowand courageously almost ended his life during a regular season game. Still the man almost 20 years later. For who? The fans. For what? To win. 

PS - Phillies down 3-0 in the 3rd at home and are currently riding a 3 game skid. Jesus.