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The Angels Are Reportedly Listening To Trade Offers For Shohei Ohtani

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Every baseball fan should root for the Angels to continue the slide they started going into the All-Star break on their upcoming homestand so we can see Shohei Ohtani on a real ballclub. I'd definitely prefer to not see him join a National League challenger to the Braves, but I really just want to see this guy play meaningful baseball. Ohtani is having what very well may be the best season in the history of Major League Baseball and if he stays with the Angels through the end of the year, it will almost certainly end with a whimper.

We deserve to see this guy in the postseason. We've tried giving generational talents to the second-rate team in Los Angeles and it has done absolutely nothing with them. So get something for Shohei while you still can and let us watch the best player in the sport play in October, because he is long gone this winter one way or the other.

I'm also really intrigued to see what a trade package for a rental of the best player maybe ever looks like. It's certainly going to be a haul and a half, but I think it still might not be quite as much as some people might expect.

As for where he should go, it seems like he made pretty fast friends with another MVP frontrunner this week …