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A Friday Confession: I Have A Big Sock Problem. Socks Don't Fit Properly.

Here’s a take you didn’t see coming on a Friday. I have an inherit problem with socks. Where do I begin? 

My biggest problem -  I think they don’t properly fit to their sizes. COUNTLESS times I have bought a package of socks that are suppose to be in my size range and they just don’t fit. Even the best kind of brands don’t fit correctly. I bought a pair of Nike Dry Fit socks last year… the heel of the sock is on my ankle. They stink. Socks need to figure it out. 

If you think they are bad now, you should have seen it growing up. We didn’t have a prayer of socks fitting. Or growing up in a house with siblings like I did my mom had just a huge draw of socks and you made it work best you could. One year my younger brother wrote “socks that fit” on his Christmas list. Which is why watching this video brings me back to grammar school and high school and desperately trying to make a pair of tube socks look cool with low cut sneakers in the summer. We had our ways of trying to roll them down, but no one ever perfected it. Sometimes you got a decent one, but the sock would creep back up and you had to readjust all the time etc. This video nails it. Almost like this was the way socks were meant to be worn that way. Where was this guy 20 years ago when I was going to house parties and the woods on a summer night with a pair of Air Force Ones and an oversized  Throwback jersey? 

Why are all the things we wish we knew years ago on Tik Tok now? Unrelated question … why am I so old?