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Novak Djokovic Was Called For "Hinderance" At Wimbledon And I Don't Want To Live In A World Where I Can't Loudly Moan During A Strenuous Activity

It's the year 2023 and we are still out here kink shaming, huh? Absolutely unreal that they called "hinderance" on Novak Djokovic in this spot. In a world where ass eating, foot fetishes, and OnlyFans content is everywhere, Big Cat's guy Djoker can't let out a little sexual tension as his ball flys towards another man's head?


Now I many be stepping on Hubbs' toes here writing this blog but I fancy myself somewhat of a tennis bad boy. I played tennis in middle school and was kicked off the freshman team in high school for refusing to tuck in my shirt (true story). So I know my kind when I see them and Djoker is just a dude who likes to moan a little louder than the rest to establish his on court dominance. 

I mean who among us hasn't lived in a house with roommates and played a little battlemoans when both bedrooms were rocking at the same time? Let he who is without moan cast the first stone, I always say.

My old roommate used to hook up with a chick and it sounded like he was clubbing a seal in the basement every time they had a furious rally going. Did I ever call her for "hinderance"? No, I did not. Because I know that she was just expressing her admiration for his performance during their match. It's called decorum and I thought that's what Wimbledon was all about. 

Sometimes you have to let everyone else around you know just how damn good it feels when you're playing in the grass. When you're sliding left and right, balls flying everywhere, sweating...this is the exact time to let out a moan that that would rattle the foundation of a century home.

Tennis is a wonderful sport. It's a sport of gentlemen. And gentlemen know that they need to moan so their counterpart understands that they are enjoying the afternoon's activity. It would have been rude as hell if Djokovic didn't moan so loudly it raised the spirits of the 300 Spartans lost against the horde of Persians. 

Now Djokovic went on to win the set so alls well that ends well. But we can't be putting a governor on the mammoth moaning power of the GOAT. Just ask Day 1 Djokovic guy, Big Cat.