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Bob Iger Says That Disney Is Going To Cut Back On The Amount Of Marvel And Star Wars Content They Produce

Look at Bob Iger getting his Thanos on and making a whole lotta stuff disappear with the snap of his fingers to help create a better universe. I know that he has been back in the CEO chair at Disney long enough for his butt print to form back in the chair. But removing a bunch of projects from the two franchises that keep people coming back to your streaming channel that is hemorrhaging cash is quite a move.

Not that I blame Bob for or have an issue with uncluttering everything. In fact, the only part of that clip that I disagreed with was how the interviewer said Mar-vel. I'm in lockstep with everything Bobby Thanos said and as someone that podcasts almost every project Marvel and Star Wars puts out, I welcome this news with open arms and legs. 

Sure, recapping shows like Andor and movies like Guardians 3 is awesome. But there have been a bunch of misses on both sides of the coin for The Mouse over the last few years that cost Mickey a shit ton of cash and cost me a shit ton of time/excitement. You can blame superhero fatigue, unfair fan expectations, or some projects being necessary to build out the future phases of both franchises. However none of that stuff explains shit like this.

If you are thinking about making a Marvel movie, maybe make it a show. If you are thinking of making a Marvel show, maybe make it a one hour special. And if you are thinking of making a Marvel one hour special, maybe throw that character in an after credits scene as a reveal. Because sometimes less is more. I don't really have any advice like that for Star Wars content but just make sure Filoni and Favreau are somehow involved.

Also great work by Iger saying this right as the writers AND actors go on strike, which instantly puts all these projects on pause.

For anyone watching Secret Invasion, and based on the ratings numbers there aren't many of you, Robbie and I broke down this week's episode on My Mom's Basement.

H/t Nick