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Lil Wayne Dropped An Absolutely FIRE Remix to A Milli Last Night At The ESPY’s Using Only Current Sports References

Lil Wayne is the best rapper that has ever lived and no I don’t give one single fuck what your opinion is on the matter.…. unless of course if you agree with me then we can fanboy over Weezy together and share smiles and laughs about how much of musical genius he is. 

In my humble opinion no one has had a stronger/more dominant run as purely a rapper than Weezy. This man was the face of the rap game from 2005-2014 and essentially everyone’s favorite rapper in that time period. The amount of underground artists he blessed with features was incredible. All the great mixtapes. All the great albums. I remember being in middle school/high school and finding out he just had a verse on a song and I would be chomping at the bit for the rest of the school day to get home to my parents house, go on the computer and go on just so I could hear Lil Wayne absolute murder his verse. The metaphors and word play was unmatched. Amazing punchlines. Had a million flows. Not only the best rapper of all time but the most versatile as well. 


What he did last night was extraordinary. We’ve seen him take all the beats from the best songs of the year, remix them and make them better songs than the initial songs that were already hits! The No Ceilings albums (especially the first one) are spectacular. So how does Lil Wayne do himself one better even at 40 years old? How about he remixes his own hit song using current sport references at a live performance in front of millions of viewers at home and an A-list crowd of celebrities/athletes!!! 

Weezy is the fucking best. If there was one person I could meet on planet earth it would be him. Musical genius. Huge sports fan. Good business man. Good family man. Most importantly, one of my hero‘s. God bless this man.