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Logan Paul Got Cucked By Jake For Nate Diaz Fight

With all that's been going on lately, a lot of people are forgetting that Jake Paul is fighting Nate Diaz in like 3 weeks. These Paul fights have seemingly fizzled out since his loss to Tommy Fury but at the same time, I think Jake Paul has fizzled out in Nate Diaz's mind as well. This sparring footage just leaked of Nate Diaz and a boxer who is not actually 30-1 and it just seemingly looks sloppy and average. 

Now I know fight camps never release any decent fight footage before the fights to disguise what exactly they are doing, but this footage looks pretty elementary for a guy who has a fight in 2 weeks. But at the same time Nate as usual probably does not give a single fuck. Like literally does not give a single flying fuck. Check this out. 

"That's what people say"

You can't talk shit to Nate Diaz at all. The dude is impervious. I mean he even choked a dude out he thought was Logan Paul. He looks pretty damn close to Logan Paul, but it was just a body double. 

In his press conference, he even still said he thought that guy was Logan Paul. 

That beef has even deeper roots because apparently Logan Paul got cucked by his brother for the Nate Diaz fight. Back in March, Ariel Helwani posted an interview about how a fight fell through between him and Nate. 

Apparently, Nate was looking for another fight, and I guess Jake was that guy. Jake was a better fight for Nate than Logan. Maybe it's because Nate thought he could beat Jake, or Jake just offered more money than Logan. It's funny that the two brothers have now become each other's biggest competition. I would be very curious to see what the difference in the deals between the brothers is. It is also so interesting that the boxing duo is now being played off each other by guys who want a big fight. There are multiple players in the Paul fight market and guys like Nate can pit them against each other in order to get more money. The influencer fight game sure is interesting.