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BREAKING: Barstool Employee Steps In Doo-Doo In Front Of Co-Workers

There is a short changeover between Picks Central and The Yak. In that time, a baseball argument broke out and there was a huge commotion from the pit area. I hadn't paid it much attention, but Kate had relayed the excitement to start The Yak.

Goodness gracious! Upon doing some more research, there is an alternate angle which completely ties the story together. So Meek Phill is a beloved character in the office. He's a social guy and one of the all-time great internet trolls. If a big scene breaks out, part of his job is to capture it on video. That's exactly how this shitty situation started. Mary, Klemmer, Tommy and others are arguing about baseball and Phill goes over to film. 

There is also a couple dogs in the office today. Unfortunately for Phill, one of those dogs had just pooped in the area and was about to be cleaned up. In this perfect window, Phill walked over to film the argument. The scene from his angle is perfection.

Maybe this was charmic retribution for Phill getting so gassed up by Pat Bev on the latest Pat Bev Pod with Rone. 

All-time edit from Quigs there! Unfortunately for Phill, it was just shitty timing. 

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