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A Plastic Surgeon Called 'Doctor Roxy' Who Gained Fame For Livestreaming Procedures On Tiktok Had Her License Taken Away After She Botched Three Patients' Surgeries

NY Times

An Ohio plastic surgeon lost her medical license on Wednesday after the state medical board investigated her for livestreaming operations on TikTok and surgical complications reported by patients.

The State Medical Board of Ohio voted at a hearing on Wednesday to permanently revoke Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe’s medical license and to fine her $4,500 “based on her failure to meet standard of care.”

Down goes Doctor Roxy! 

Now if you're like me, you're just learning about this famous plastic surgeon today. In short she gained notoriety through social media platforks like Instagram and Tiktok where she'd go post videos of procedures and make it a whole show. Content! Content! Content! Basically everything wrong with modern society. This video below gives you a glimpse of what we're dealing with here. Crazy eyes much? 


For the life of me I couldn't imagine picking this person to operate on me. Gun to my head or this woman puts me under the knife while she dances over me? Just pull the trigger. If you're a surgeon and you're not giving me your full, un-divided attention then I'm simply going to choose anyone else in the profession. The only way I could see this being a thing, aside from patients starving for any kind of fame, is if it was dirt cheap. Like she gets to operate on you and make all this content, but the positive is it's 50% off. Only problem with that is your doctor giving just as much attention to being a Tiktok star to making your ass look like Kim Kardashian. As you can expect, a ton of patients suffered complications and had to make trips to the emergency room. At least three unnamed souls came forward with disaster stories. 

Patient one

One patient, according to the board’s notice,  received a Brazilian Butt Lift, tummy tuck and liposuction from Dr. Grawe in July 2020. The patient saw Dr. Grawe again in March 2022 for more cosmetic procedures, and Dr. Grawe looked at and spoke to a camera while engaged in liposuction on the patient’s abdomen, the board said.

A few days after the surgery, the patient was hospitalized and found to have a perforated small bowel and a soft tissue infection.

Patient two

In December 2020, Dr. Grawe provided several cosmetic procedures to another patient under anesthesia, including liposuction and a Brazilian Butt Lift. The next day, the patient went to the emergency room because she was experiencing severe abdominal pain and cramping and had to have several surgeries on her stomach.

Patient three

Dr. Grawe saw the third patient in December 2021 for a breast augmentation. A few days later, the patient reported nausea and bleeding from her breast and was treated at the clinic. After, the patient reported pain, malaise and nausea. A nurse practitioner then treated her at the clinic, but the patient had to be hospitalized for a faster than normal heart rate. At the hospital, she was found to have an infection that required treatment and the removal of her breast implants.

Yeah not great, Bob. Not even sure how you start to convince a medical board you should keep your license when you're fucking up this bad. Next level delusion and narcism to broadcast all this stuff live when you're simply a bad plastic surgeon. Can't wait for the Netflix doc on this.