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It Will Be A Cold Day In Hell Before That Rat Bastard Art Modell Gets Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame — Three legends in the history of the Cleveland Browns have been named semifinalists to be selected in the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2024.

Former owner, and much maligned, Art Modell and former head coach Marty Schottenheimer made the list of 29 semifinalists in the Coach/Contributor category. While former linebacker and fan favorite Clay Matthews Jr. continues his bid for a Hall of Fame induction on the Seniors Committee ballot.

Art Modell has made it to the finals in the Coaches/Contributors category multiple times, though coming up short each time. Modell's resume and contributions to a rapidly growing NFL during the television boom in the 1970s and 1980s as the league's broadcast chairman from 1962 to 1993 (widely credited for the start of Monday Night Football) suggest a strong argument for his enshrinement.

However the move of the Browns to Baltimore in the mid '90s still lingers over late Modell's ability to be elected by the committee. A sore subject that, nearly 30 year late, has kept his name out of the hall. 

Why do we have to do this every God damn year? Art Modell does not belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Not now, not ever. And it will be a cold day in Art's new home before I let it happen.

For those who are not familiar Art Modell was the owner of the Cleveland Browns and then, after running away with our beloved football franchise in the middle of the night like a coward, the Baltimore Ravens. Owning a pro football franchise is literally a license to print money. If you can't make money with one of these 32 businesses it's a you thing. 

Sure, Art did a lot to expand the game to television. He also did a laundry list of things that would make most people think he was one of the worst owners in NFL history. 

The man fired Paul Brown AND Bill Belichick. That's like firing Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. Do you know how fucking stupid and incompetent you have to be to fire two of the top five coaches in football history? 

He ran the greatest running back in NFL history out of the league in the middle of his prime. Jim Brown said he'd rather not play football at all than play for this narcissistic turd boy of an NFL owner. The Browns had won seven total championships before Modell bought the team and only got one after.

And let's not forget that rat fuck took the Browns and moved them in the dead of the night to Baltimore. Just a dastardly, cowardice move that deserves zero respect and even less of a shot at the Hall of Fame.

I swear on everything if they try to put Art in Canton we will march on the Hall like villagers ready to take down Frankenstein. You thought Jan 6th was wild? Wait until you see hundreds of dudes from Parma, OH (who probably also were at Jan 6th) drunk on cheap beer and ready to settle a 30 year old vendetta.

The induction ceremony would would be insanity. They would need presidential security to hold off the anger which would burn with the fire of a thousand suns. It would make Bottlegate look like candy being thrown at a Arbor Day parade. 

Fuck Art Modell's ghost with a cactus. As long as Cleveland is still a place in the world he will never have a bust in Canton. There is only a handful of things we give a shit about in Cleveland and football is one of them. You stole our team and left us with this shitty, mentally disabled zombie franchise. And in turn we will make sure your name will never be mentioned with the greats.

If you think I'm being hyperbolic then I should remind you that in 2014 some lunatic went and pissed on Art's grave right around this same time of year.

Now I'm not advocating for this type of behavior but in the words of the great Chris Rock…