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Being Rich And Famous Like Messi Seems Cool And All, Until People Start Randomly Kissing You Outside A Miami Restaurant

Being rich and famous seems awesome. You can buy whatever you want. You can do whatever you want. But this? No thank you. I'm not what you call an affectionate person. I don't like being touched, I like my space, I for sure don't like being crowded. You know what I'd really hate? Being randomly kissed as I pose for a picture. I don't care who you are, please don't randomly kiss me if I'm posing for a picture. That applies to roughly 0 people, but still, need to say that out loud. This just looks like too much for me: 

I'm aware it's Messi week in Miami. He's getting introduced this weekend, everyone is losing their mind plus Messi is 1 of 1. He's whatever is above superstar. He's bigger than life in many ways, especially coming off a World Cup win and joining Miami to try and will them to a playoff spot. Low key hilarious how bad of a team he's joining. Inter Miami is dead last in the MLS Eastern Conference with 18 points and have won just 5 matches so far. 

Back to the fella kissing Messi. I love Messi's reaction after. He takes a couple seconds to realize he just got smooched. You can see him almost pause for a second and internally process it. Welcome to America, Messi! Better start than another famous athlete who just started playing here after moving from Europe. Might want to tighten up that security. take pictures, but you can't be getting kissed.