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VIDEO: Running Of The Bulls Goes Really Wrong

One day I kinda want to go run with the Bulls one of those terrifying gore videos that people tend to go viral and I talk myself out of it, this almost seems worst than getting gored. If you didn't know the running of the bulls is a serious tradition based in stupidity and boredom of pre-internet days. 

The event has its origins in the old practice of transporting bulls from the fields outside the city, where they were bred, to the bullring, where they would be killed in the evening.[4] During this "run", local youths would jump among them in a display of bravado. In Pamplona and other places, the six bulls that run are also in that afternoon's bullfight.

Spanish tradition holds that bull-running began in northeastern Spain in the early 14th century. Cattle herders who wanted to transport their animals from barges or from the countryside into city centers for sale or bullfights needed an easy way to move their precious animals. While transporting cattle in order to sell them at the market, men would try to speed the process by hurrying their cattle using tactics of fear and excitement. After years of this practice, the transportation and hurrying began to turn into a competition, as young adults would attempt to race in front of the bulls and make it safely to their pens without being overtaken. When the popularity of this practice increased and was noticed more and more by the expanding population of Spanish cities, a tradition was created and stands to this day.[5][non-primary source needed]

The Running was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain, but resumed 7–14 July 2022.[6][7]

15 people have died since 1910 in the running of the bulls, but that hasn't stopped the bulls from running. 

If you check out this other more terrifying angle of what took place, you can see that a fence was opened stopping the flow of people causing a major pileup. The pileup, in the end, included the bulls that proceeded to jump over the whole collapsed crowd of people. Its an utterly terrifying situation that I hope to never be in. 

One thing I love about the running of the Bulls is that it was born out of pure testosterone-induced stupidity. One day some bored young guys decided to jump into the stampede of bulls in order to feel some Machismo and hopefully impress some Chica watching from a Villa to show he had some Cajones. 

This video does make me never want to be in a crowd again. Between that Korean crowd that killed a bunch of people, the Travis Scott shit, and this I will be avoiding crowds especially with large bovines weighing more than a tonne. 

But… maybe next year you will see me running with the Bulls…