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Alix Earle & Dolphins WR Braxton Berrios Debut Relationship At ESPY's

Frazer Harrison. Getty Images.

Katie Sports here with a hard hitting update from last night's ESPY Awards:

Last night at the ESPY's TikTok darling Alix Earle stepped out with Dolphins WR Braxton Berrios in the couple's first public appearance and the internet was ah-buzzin', folks. 

Some of her #stans were quick to complain that he's not good enough for her:

Jack Mac was speedy to counter that narrative & congratulate the couple on passing The Green Line Test:

And others couldn't help but notice an unfortunate crinkle in the crotch of Berrios' pink pants:

I think all the buzz was especially big since it's the first time Berrios has been seen with Alix following his dramatic split with Sophia Culpo (Olivia Culpo's younger sister) (*Olivia Culpo is a model/actress/former Miss USA/married to Christian McCaffrey). (Before I continue, here's some simple references to ensure you understand the full context & totally not just pandering to keep you on this blog longer:)

Berrios' ex's Sophia's sister, Olivia Culpo, who technically has nothing to do with this whole situation:

Berrios' ex's Sophia's sister's husband, Christian McCaffery (AWOOOOOOGA, amiright boys?!) who also has nothing to do with this whole situation:

Berrios' ex Sophia Culpo who has been throwing the shade at Alix & Berrios:

Aurora Culpo, the third Culpo sister who, like Olivia, has nothing to do with this but again just for reference:

Ok now that we're all caught up, I'm sure you guys, like, totally know this already but Sophia accused Berrios of hooking up with Alix BEFORE they had broken up & was throwing shade left & right. Social media camps formed pitting Team Sophia against Team Earle & things got so messy that Berrios took to his Instagram story to deny the cheating allegations & try to take the high road. 

Oh, and more context for the strictly BarstoolSPORTS crowd wondering, "Who is Alix Earle and why does anyone care if a Dolphins player is dating her?"

My TikTok algorithm is mostly cats & babies these days so I nearly missed the boat, but even I know she's THEE hottest commodity skyrocketing up the charts on social media right now. The instinct of my pathetic, normie-self is to hate on her but unfortunately she's got a sense of humor & is frustratingly enjoyable. From her GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos to jet setting the globe for influencer trips or family vacations to creating a scholarship at her alma mater, University of Miami, to #relatable content about her own insecurities & issues, she's won the hearts (or at least the 'likes') of millions. 

-TikTok: 5.5M followers

-Insta: 2.8M followers

-Club Penguin: 1.3M puffles

She even got invited to the infamous Hampton's White Party this year which our own Dave Portnoy has struggled to secure a spot at (after accidentally banning himself).

More context:

So there you have it, Alix Earle & Braxton Berrios went to the ESPY's as their hard launch and Sophia Culpo has to watch from afar and live with still being incredibly attractive and wealthy along with her entire family. Hope everyone involved finds peace somehow.