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"We're Going To Trade People" - Cardinals President John Mozeliak Is Brutally Honest About What St. Louis Is Going To Do At The Trade Deadline

Been a rough go for the redbirds of St. Louis this season. Just nothing has gone right for them from the jump. They're dead last in their division at 38-52, 11.5 games out of first, 11 games out of the Wild Card, and have the third worst record in the NL. So yeah, not great! So when their team president, John Mozeliak, came out with this statement yesterday it kind of caught our attention. This kind of season doesn't happen to the Cardinals, they're on pace to finish under .500 for just the third time since 1999. They don't sell, they don't trade away major assets mid-season, this is very new for them. But there's no doubt about it, changes have to happen. Here is his full quote from the interview he gave...

“Right now, I can tell you, we’re going to trade people, you just don’t know if it’s going to be household names or guys who are more likely to not be here next year. It’s easy to talk about what we may or may not do at the moment, but we’re not going to just give away players. We want to get some value in return. We want to get some value that helps us in 2024. And that’s really going to be our focus as we enter the trading period.”

Trades will happen, will it be big name players? We looking at a Nolan Arenado on the move? Paul Goldschmidt? Jordan Montgomery? Jordan Hicks? Could they trade Wilson Contrares after just inking him to a deal? Who knows, but some guys in this Cardinals uniform are gone. Like he said, you have to do something, you can't try and run this back because it isn't working. Something is off and it's been off from the start of the season. This is a division they should have dusted, but it just didn't happen. 

The most shocking part to me is you rarely hear a President come out and just blatantly say "we're going to trade players". Again he didn't say "we're going to trade Nolan and Paul", but I wouldn't take anything off the table. They for sure could offload both of them to build around prospects, I don't think that happens though. He was just so open about it, and that's great I think. We didn't get BS GM speak from him with cliche quotes, he basically was like "listen, we suck. No one is untouchable for the right deal." 

As a Cardinals fan I think you have to be happy with how he is attacking this, the front office is taking this one down year very seriously and they want to fix it ASAP, that is what you want from your suits. So credit to them for ripping the bandaid off now and not being the Angels where nothing goes right but you just sit on your hands for years and years. Now we wait and see who they do ship out. Any team would love to have any of their big guys, Montgomery when healthy can be a nice rotation piece, Hicks has great stuff out of the pen, and of course Nolan and Goldy are future Hall of Famers. 

Buckle up Cards fans, could be a longgggggg couple weeks until the deadline on August 1st.