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Taylor Swift Went To An Exclusive Cannabis Club Dinner, Turned Bun B Into A Swiftie




Where are all the fucking haters now??? You gonna stop smoking weed because Taylor Swift smokes weed??? TAYLOR SUPREMACY REIGNS ON!

I'll tell you what. Not even in a brag way, I'm always smoking weed. I've always worried it was the one part of me that Taylor would likely find trashy or cringey, considering she has such an amazing mind without anything other than a glass of white wine. Imagine how thrilled I am now to find out that not only is she a weed girlie, she went to an ultra exclusive dinner at a private Cannabis club, where the food was infused with weed. Taylor Swift was waltzing around Brooklyn high on edibles!! Who among us?? 

I'm sooooo interested in these kind of clubs, I think the concept is amazing and they obviously do a lot of this sort of thing out in California. It's awesome to think it's becoming more mainstream over on the east coast and eventually, I hope there will be as many Cannabis Clubs as there are bars. No joke. I love a bar, I LOVE to drink, but the hangovers are really debilitating these days. I would love to still go out, use PEDs to appear more social than I actually am, without falling asleep on my couch with all of my clothes and the lights on. 

Imagine Taylor starts her own cannabis club? You'd never see me sober again.