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Drake Brought Out Jayson Tatum Last Night At The Garden In Boston And It Might Be His House Now

Just watch this thirty second clip. I get that these fans are all there to see Drake, but they had Jayson Tatum looking like a security guard out there! Did a single person even acknowledge him? I'm the premier Lakers fan in the office, and thus, my Celtics hatred runs deep, but sadly TD Garden is Drake's house now. I don't think Jayson Tatum has to be in Vegas cheering on the C's in summer league, but are we going to sit here and act like this isn't slightly embarrassing for the franchise star? Fire song choice to come out to with the classic Look What You've Done though. One of Drake's best. Who knows if the powers that be will even let this blog be published, but let me be clear that this would not happen to LeBron. I don't want to make this a pissing contest, but look at the crowd pop when Drake and Travis Scott brought Bron out at his house Staples:

Night and day. I wouldn't be a great journalist if I didn't show you the part of Drake giving Tatum his props. You can decide on whether or not they cared that he was there:

Weak if you ask me. Lakers in 7.