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Suburban Neighborhood On Edge After 15-Foot Python Named "Big Mama" Escapes Cage & Disappears, But Don't Worry "She's Friendly"

"The one spot where you don't check - that's gonna be where she'll be." 

Ah, a relief to hear that, especially when it comes to a 15 foot long reticulated python. Even more comforting:

The family said Big Mama ate a rabbit for dinner just before she disappeared. She eats every two weeks, so they figure they have about a week to find her before she goes searching for her next meal.

So phew, the people of densely-populated Chastworth, CA have some leeway before it's really time to panic. 

You know how there's a Sex Offender Registry where you can look up the creeps in your area? I think there also needs to be a Weird Reptile People Registry where anyone who owns a venomous critter and/or a constrictor over 3 feet should also have their address listed. If the guy in the apartment above mine has a 14 foot boa in a baby pool with a couple heat lamps over it I'd like to be aware. 

In this particular family's defense, at least they had the nerve to alert the neighborhood with posters & by contacting the local news to spread awareness. If that were me and I knew every single one of my neighbors with a cat/dog/small child/snake phobia probably wanted to kill me & get me evicted asap, I might be tempted to keep it to myself and hope for the best. Especially since they straight up admitted it escaped because they forgot to lock the cage one night. Not great!


Also, "She is friendly to humans"??? I'm not buying it. Sorry but I'm one of those people who refuses to believe snakes can be domesticated and/or have lil souls inside em. Plus, the last time I heard, "Don't worry, she's friendly!" was when someone's golden retriever was ruthlessly tearing at my boot laces when I was a UPS driver helper. Fool me once. 

Still, best of luck to the owners in getting her back I guess??? Should be pretty easy in this simple environment: