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Kansas QB Jalon Daniels Showed Up To Big 12 Media Day Rocking A Chain That Played His Highlights

I know people will hate on this. But not me. Oh no, if you can have a chain with your highlights on loop playing from it, you simply have to do it. I want this for the most outrageous thing. Football highlights? Sure, that makes sense. I want this to show my highlights of changing the channel at the perfect time, the perfectly smoked chicken wings, shit like that. Maybe mix in a lefty bounce pass from my previous life, but I truly want a chain that shows other highlights. 

Now, I know people will shit on this because 1) they'll blame NIL and 2) they'll make fun of Kansas football. I get it. But, hey, when you're Kansas and you're coming off a season where you won 6 games, you celebrate. You made a bowl! You may have lost that bowl game to finish under .500, but hey, 6 wins is hard to come by in the Kansas world. It's also the first bowl game since the big man Mark Mangino was roaming the sidelines. 


Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

Just an all-time college football coach guy. 

Anyways, back to Daniels. The reasoning for the chain is even better. Just to remind him what he's capable of and without those plays he wouldn't be at media day. That's called perspective, folks. My only question is why stop at a chain? Turn it into a shirt, I remember a genius pitching gif shirts before. Put it on your suit. Just go all out because, why the hell not?