We've Reached The Point In The Annoying, Pointless Saquon Contract Saga Where His 'Availability For Week 1 Is In Jeopardy'

Annnddd there it is. Felt like only a matter of time before we started seeing this sort of report about Saquon sitting out games. The whole thing is pointless and annoying because, well, I wish Saquon would just accept the normal contract. That or play on the franchise. I get you want your money. I get you have a number in your head, but look around the league man. Dalvin Cook still doesn't have a job. People aren't giving big time money to running backs. It's just how it is these days in the NFL. 

I think most logical Giants fans say this 1) I want Saquon on the roster, 2) I don't want to give Saquon an insane contract. If he wants the $14 million or whatever it is, franchise him and ideally try to work out a contract to trade him. That or just let him walk. You can't tie up that much money in a running back, no matter how skilled they are, especially when dealing with injuries throughout their career. It's not like he's the missing piece for the Giants to compete for a Super Bowl. There are other holes on the roster that continue to need to be addressed because Dave Gettleman sucks. 


Now they still have some time to figure this out - Monday afternoon to be exact. All the reports today say there's a stalemate, not exactly shocking the way this summer has gone. I just can't stress how much I hate this whole scenario. Yes, Saquon was awesome last year. Yes, his highs are as high as any other running back out there. But, again, you just can't pay a running back this much money. 

Figure it out! And by figure it out I mean accept the lower deal, Saquon.