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Former Florida DB Marco Wilson Says He'd Still Cost The Gators A College Football Playoff Chance If He Could Do It Again: 'I'd Probably Throw (The Shoe) Further'

It may be hard to look at a Florida football program that's now a decisive third in the SEC East pecking order at best and think they are just three years removed from what could have been a College Football Playoff appearance, but that very well could have been the case if it weren't for the Shoe Throw Heard Round the World courtesy of Marco Wilson.

For anyone who needs a refresher, No. 6 Florida had gotten a third down stop in a tied season finale against LSU with less than two minutes to go. A win would have sent the Gators to the SEC Championship at 9-1 with a chance to play in the CFP with a win over Alabama. That's when Wilson temporarily lost his mind.

LSU went down the field after the personal foul and won the game with a 57-yard field goal from Cade York.

Now, I would have guessed Wilson was probably a little ashamed of this moment and would say he'd do things differently if he had the chance. But nope. He'd throw it further — his words, not mine.

I guess you can't accuse him of being inconsistent or untrue to his convictions. He loved throwing that shoe so much he'd do it again and again, potential national championship be damned. That's sticking to your guns.

Congrats to Marco for doing something he loved so much, I guess.