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Going To Go Out On A Limb Here And Say Michael Jordan Doesn't Give A Shit About His Comments 'Embarrassing' Larsa Pippen

Oh come on, Larsa. All this reaction to MJ saying this: 

You had to know this was going to be MJ's reaction and answer to this question. I mean, what do you want him to say? He loves it? It's MJ! At least Marcus understands his dad: 

[Source] - During the podcast, Marcus explained he had found his father's comment amusing, though Larsa noted that she "didn’t think it was funny."

“I know my dad, and obviously my whole family, we’re so competitive, part of our DNA is to talk s---, it gets us going and gets us motivated. And when I saw it immediately I thought, ‘He’s playing.’ He’s joking, he’s laughing. He’s just being playful, he’s a little lit, maybe off the Socorro [tequila]," Marcus said.

He added that while he hadn't “put too much weight into it" he understood it had made Larsa "a little nervous" and noted that Michael contacting the pair afterwards to make sure they "didn’t take things the wrong way" had helped Larsa understand he had been truthful about his parents approving of the pair. The couple then discussed how the story had blown up.

But if you think MJ cares or have any regrets, think again. This is the most recent headline involving MJ: 

Yep, that's about right. MJ is just going to enjoy vacation with a cigar. The man doesn't give a shit about the reaction to his reaction. Why would he? Just a little tip for Larsa here too - get used to this sort of reaction. I mean what do you expect when you're Scottie's ex and dating MJ's son? We're all going to make fun of it. We're all going to get our jokes off. That's the Internet. Hell that's not even just the Internet, that's life. I'd make fun of Marcus if he was my best friend in this situation. 

I'll give credit to Larsa and Marcus for this. They know how to stay in the news and they know how to bring in clicks. Say what you want about them, people read and watch it. Probably because we're a little fucked in the head and you see the name Jordan and Pippen and click. But they are vets at staying in the news cycle. 

But come on, if you thought MJ would retract his statement or do anything different you're lying. Doesn't matter how old he gets, he's still Michael Jordan.