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Burger King Thailand Has Released A "Real Cheese Burger" That Consists Of Nothing But 20 Slices Of Cheese

In a move that is totally cucking American meal-sizing & general taste, Burger King has unveiled "the real cheeseburger" in Thailand which consists of a bun with nothing but 20 slices of cheese wedged in between.  

And yes, this sandwich is designed to plug, swell and then irreparably blow your colon to smithereens all while going viral, but there's also a major financial upside if you play your cards right. 

Hear me out:

20 slices of cheddar comes out to around 1lb, and right now at your local grocery store a basic, 1lb package of Sargento cheddar slices is going for $6.36. This Burger King all-cheese sandwich is selling for 109 Thai baht ($3.10), so overall it's actually 50% cheaper to buy a bunch of these sandwiches, toss out the bread and then package the slices yourself for resale at a higher price back home. A round trip to Bangkok is only $1,912.00, so as long as you're purchasing 617+ sandwiches to bring back over here you're making a profit. (Don't check my math or reasoning on this, just know it's a total steal and you should do it. Make sure you remember to bring a large suitcase & request them unmelted.)


Bonus: In case you're worried this wasn't enough cheese you can add 2 more slices for an additional 58 cents:

I tried to find any other reason beyond "marketing stunt" as for why the brand is doing this bizarre sandwich there; is there some huge obsession with American style cheeses (mega-processed, neon orange) in Thailand? No. Even Burger King is making it clear they're doing it simply for interwebs clout.

Eat the cheese. Beg for the cheese. And most importantly, SHOW OFF THAT CHEESE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Naturally, people are obliging across all platforms as the sandwich is making the rounds from FB & TikTok to Twitter & Insta and beyond, even hitting the news (and low-brow blog, shoutout me) cycles. Fans like Mint Pattie Gu and Nut Apiwich are getting it fully. 


Obviously this isn't Burger King's first rodeo as they caused a stir in New Zealand back in 2020 with the all fry sandwich. 

And lest we forget 2009's seven-beef-patty Windows 7 Whopper in Japan to celebrate Microsoft's big release:

Back to current times, they've got another promo meal in Brazil for the release of the Barbie movie, but this one I'd actually eat. Don't know what the pink goo is, or whatever that shredded meat is on top of it, but 100% would eat: 


Anyways, I'm off to Bangkok tomorrow for a cheese haul. If anyone's looking for discount cheese hit me up end of week.