Of Course Luis Robert Hurt Himself In The Home Run Derby

Listen, I love Luis Robert. Love the guy. Do I care that he eliminated Adley last night? Nope, not at all. He's a freak of nature. I was telling people literally last night that he is basically Calvin Johnson with a baseball bat. You see these pictures of him and wonder how we're the same species, he is a physical freak. But the issue is he's always hurt. Always. Literally always. And it's always something like this, a soft tissue injury. It's a hammy or a quad or a groin. He's just always hurt. He's hurt his wrist like a billion times too. If he could stay healthy like he had so far this year we'd talk about him as a top 10 player in baseball. But it's always something. 

Last night he lost in the second round of the derby and today we found out that he also got hurt in the derby. He felt tightness in his right calf and is officially day-to-day and won't play tonight in the All-Star Game. It sucks because he's about as talented as they come, but it's always stuff like this. Obviously this doesn't seem like a big injury, but it's almost comical at this point how injury prone he is. And I'm not making fun of his injuries or mocking him, it's just incredible how you can always set your watch to it. Last night I was talking with someone about LouBob and said "it wouldn't shock me if he pulled a hamstring tonight", well I was close. Hopefully it's nothing and he's back on the field Friday for Chicago but man, it's groundhog day with him all the time. That's just how it's going for the White Sox now, I guess.