Anthony Davis Needs To Fight At The Next Rough n Rowdy If He Wants To Change His 'Street Clothes' Nickname

Anthony Davis is perfect for Rough n Rowdy. You know what makes those matches hilarious? Seeing the difference in fighting styles and looks. You may get a couple big boys going at it. You might see a couple bloggers go at it. But look at this giant in the ring trying to throw jabs. Need him vs one of the legends of the Rough n Rowdy game. It would do good for his reputation too.

Think about it. The man is known as Street Clothes. Chuck and Shaq waste no time making fun of him every single time he plays or doesn't play. Well, you can shut them up by winning a prestigious boxing match. He's not exactly smooth with those punches so let's see him dance around as a dude from West Virginia only throws haymakers before getting winded. That's what I want to see. 

Spare me the logical thought process here that this is just a solid workout for him. There's no room for logic in these sort of takes. I want to see the weird shit and Anthony Davis agreeing to fight at Rough n Rowdy would be good for him. Shit, we can even get Pat Bev on the call or put him in the other corner. Really think we can build something here just need old Anthony Davis to agree to it. Don't see a problem there. This is how Anthony Davis flips the script and becomes an enforcer. Either that or he gets injured catching one haymaker and Street Clothes turns into something worse. Tough call really.