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Deebo Samuel, Who Was Quite Literally Addicted To Talking About The Eagles, Now Throws Temper Tantrums And Hangs Up On Interviews When Asked About Philly

Kevin Sabitus. Getty Images.

Philly fans, sports talk radio hosts, bloggers alike. Not a single one of them talked about the Eagles even half as much as Deebo Samuel talked about the Birds in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, as well as the weeks following. Every opportunity Deebo got, he chose to express to the world just how supremely ass hurt he was over the NFC Championship Game. About how the 49ers shoulda, coulda, woulda whooped up on the Eagles if their good-for-nothing offensive line could do their job and at least keep one of their quarterbacks healthy. But alas, the 49ers O-line is dog shit, all of their quarterbacks were broken into a million pieces, and San Francisco left Philly with their tails tucked between their tightly clenched ass cheeks. 

But media appearance after media appearance, Deebo wouldn't stop talking about how the game should have gone different. Like a child with an imaginative mind who isn't capable of separating fantasy from reality. The tooth fairy is real, unicorns exist, and the 49ers would have beat the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game if it weren't for all those pesky injuries. 

But I suppose the human body only has so many tears to give. And Deebo's tank is on empty. So if you ask him about what his thoughts are on the NFC Championship Game now, he'll just hang up on the interview. 

Deebo Samuel when his own words get questioned during an interview:

Giphy Images.

Poor guy. Nothing sucks more than accountability. I feel Deebo on that one. We all wish we could just do or say whatever the frick we want and then nobody will ever bring it back up again to throw it in our face. That's the world I one day want to live in. 

Here's to hoping everyone takes it nice and easy on him in week 13. I'm sure that game isn't, and won't be, consuming his thoughts every waking moment until December 3rd gets here.