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'Asohka' Dropped A New Trailer And We Have Our First, Live-Action Look At A LEGENDARY Star Wars Character

Set after the fall of the Empire, Ahsoka follows the former Jedi knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

This fucking rockkkkked and you should start getting pumped up. Ashoka is Dave Filoni's brainchild and if you were wondering why Mando S3 fell off a bit, it's because this has been his major focus. She is an awesome character that floats outside of the black-and-white world of the Jedi and Sith and I can't wait to see her and some other live-action renditions of Filoni's great cartoon characters. 

The coolest thing in this trailer was finally getting to see live-action Thrawn. I'll reiterate the breakdown i gave from the last trailer: 

In case you're not plugged into the Star Wars world like that, Admiral Thrawn is one of the coolest characters in the entire star wars universe. He's a crazy smart leader for the Empire that is feared all over the galaxy because he is basically their Sun Tzu, Caesar, Napoleon and Hannibal all combined into one blue-skinned strategic genius. He has a history with a lot of the characters in the trailer including Ahsoka and it is beyond exciting to see him in live action. 

Speaking of Star Wars: Rebels, we got a peak at the live-action cast members for the first time. Here is a quick summary of what to look for.

Sabine Wren: Sabine is a Mandalorian that is a member of an extremely old clan. During Rebels, she helps her clan overthrow the Imperial-backed mandalorian leaders alongside Bo Katan. She's got cool armor that she paints all different colors and is also a technical genius. 

Hera Syndulla: Hera is the daughter of a general that helped knock the trade federation off of their home planet of Ryloth and later fought against the Empire. She's an expert pilot so expect that out of her. 

Chopper: He is their goofy ass droid that is basically R2D2 but dumber. 

Anyway, start setting your calendar for this show because it will be a return to form for the Filoniverse.