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Anything For Love: An Attorney In Los Angeles Is Offering A $5,000 Referral Bonus If Anyone Can Find Her A Husband

[Post] - “A while ago, I told my friends I’d pay them $5,000 if they introduce me to my husband,” Eve Tilley-Coulson, 35, a corporate litigation attorney, from Los Angeles, told The Post. “And I figured, why not open the offer up to TikTok?”

So in June, the blond virally shared her matchmaking call-to-action online, promising her more than 100,000 TikTok followers: “If you introduce me to my husband, and I marry him, I will give you $5,000.” 

The eye-popping proposal raked in more than 556,000 views — and between 20 to 25 digital introductions to potential life partners via rookie marriage brokers, Tilley-Couslon told The Post

And here are the requirements: 

Tilley-Coulson then outlined her non-negotiables of her hottie-in-holy matrimony, insisting worthy candidates must fall within the age range of 27 to 40, stand 5-foot-10 or taller, boast a witty “British” sense of humor and have strong affinities for sports, animals, and kids.

“The only real physical requirement that I have is that he must be tall because I’m tall,” said Tilley-Coulson, who stands about 5-foot-10. “I’ve dated men who are insecure about my height, asking me not to wear heels, and that didn’t make me feel good.” 

I don't hate this move. You gotta be creative to land a first date, especially if you're going on apps and what not. At least that's what I've read and been told. I've been married for far too long to know how those apps work, that was after my time. But if you have 100,000 TikTok followers and you're decent looking with $5,000 to spend as a referral bonus, you're doing something right. 

So with that in mind, I want to throw my ring in the hat to nominate someone. I'm looking at those requirements and see you must be 5'10" - that eliminates a bunch of us here at Barstool. You gotta love sports and animals? No brainer. That's just called being a human. I don't want to know people who don't love sports and dogs. But that eliminates Eddie, a notorious dog hater despite having a show called DogWalk. Then there's a witty British sense of humor? Lady, you live in LA not London! 

Anyways, I looked at those requirements and found a man at Barstool Sports who is tall, is an athlete and has ties to England: 

You see that athleticism, Eve? That's a tall man jumping in the air for a team from England. Bam. I have no idea if Chief is even up for it or if he's looking, but that's $5,000 in my pocket that I'll happily sure with our pal there. Plus if she's already got 20-25 people reaching out to her, what's one more? It's a numbers game. 

I don't think she needs this TikTok though. All she needs to do is show this picture with her pup: 

That's just a good looking dog. That'll draw in a couple guy who love dogs. If I were single I'd go on a date just for a chance to play some fetch the pooch. I know this sounds like a shitty rom-com, but again, you gotta find a way to stand out in the dating world these days. Can't just go to a bar anymore and find someone. Can't just rely on dating apps. No, you offer $5,000 to find a husband. That's big brain thinking. Good luck to Eve and I'll keep throwing out suggestions.