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Some Kid In The Outfield Got Absolutely Smoked In The Head By A 100 MPH+ Line Drive During The Home Run Derby

When you watch these home run derbys and see these guys going up there swinging as hard as they can you wonder how the kids in the outfield don't get smoked more often. With the players not waiting for the balls in the air to land anymore you really gotta be on your toes. These kids are way too young to be out there catching absolute ropes off the bat of these guys and this is exactly why. 

This fucking kid gets absolutely smoked and he is going to be feeling it right away. Nothing worse than getting hurt in front of people either because all you want to do is cry and go into a ball, but this is in front of millions of people. I have watched this video over and over because the kid had a good read on it, but he really just misplaced that glove. It's one thing to square up a fly ball, but a line drive coming at you over 100 mph with spin? Different story. ESPN couldn't have cutaway faster to see the next swing. I hope the little bastard is alright but it is kind of crazy we still roll these kids out there on just a prayer the screamers don't find them.