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I Can't Believe It's Not NYC: Airbnb In London Is Just A Bathroom With A Bed In It

I wanted to start this off with a "now you're in Neeeewwww Yooooorrrrkkk" so badly because there's like maybe three other cities in the entire world that this could happen in and apparently this one is in London. Sorry to this fella but this is a laugh out loud situation to find yourself in. I really don't know why any sane person continues to use Airbnb in cities or even at all unless you're filthy rich and renting out a mansion. What are the perks?

This reminds me of the time I came to NYC to interview for the Barstool internship and was a broke college kid so I spent $75 on a shared apartment that was literally just some kid's dorm room at some college in Midtown called Baruch. Not a bad side hustle for a college kid and it was a place to put my head down for my 12 whole hours in NYC so whatever. Here I am like 5 years later writing blogs with the entire comment section thinking I'm AI, so who really won?

I don't know much about the London real estate market, but this is a $2100/month studio in Hell's Kitchen. That girl who just moved to NYC and says it has "always felt like home" can scream cry and puke all from bed realizing what she has done. The city of dreams indeed.

Having the head of a bed that close to the toilet is some truly diabolical work that only proves to be a good idea if you're blackout and unable to make it to the toilet to puke. I'm not some bacteria expert, but imagine just sleeping in all your poop particles? This is the first ever bethroom I've ever seen. Even the methiest Motel 6 of them all wouldn't have you sleeping and shitting in the same place. Another 10-7 round to the hotel industry. 

This is what happens when your girl wants a romantic weekend in London, but you decided not to splurge and pay for the 100 euro a night spot instead of 200. Oh and don't forget the $350 cleaning fee. They might add a hosting fee for whatever that means too. Whoever designed this apartment couldn't at least put some tint in that glass next to the toilet? Come on man.

The funniest part is every freshly post-college grad kid has a homie that thinks this is luxurious living. I remember one of our producers Fastoolie telling the Barstool office he was staying in like an 8 bedroom in Harlem for literal pennies while an intern trying to get a full time job. If you told him he could have gotten this instead, he would have said "if only". Just put a milk crate with a PS4 on top and a shitty 20 inch TV and you may even convince me this is worthwhile living.