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THROWBACK: Marcus Armitage's Electric World Record For Longest Golf Shot Hit Into A Moving Car At Over 300 Yards Away

Marcus Armitage has missed his last three cuts on the DP World Tour, but this feat is something he can always hang his hat on. Evident in his shirtless celebration, Armitage is clearly not afraid of a pint at the pub, nor is he a stranger to launching absolute rockets on a runway to set one of the more obscure yet awesome and prestigious world records out there.

Did some quick Big J Journo search engine research to figure out who "Paul O'Neill" is. I know the former New York Yankees star is a golfer, but that ain't him behind the wheel of that Beamer. Nope. This Paul O'Neill is a race car driver who used to compete in the British GT Championship from what I can gather. Not a bad guy to have steering the way and putting the pedal to the metal.

Whether it was wind-aided or not, carrying the ball over 300 yards is no small feat. Shoutout to Armitage for sending the shit out of this thing — and being that precise from so far away. To fade the ball and still carry it 300+ is sick.

You might think a moving car is a big target, but think about all the weird ricochet scenarios that play out in regular golf tournaments. Factor in that this sporty BMW is BOOKING IT on a straightaway and it's easy to see how any number of things could go wrong. 

Some more Googling tells me a BMW convertible has width of 73", or a little over six feet. In golfing terms, that's two yards wide. A two-yard target. With a freaking big stick in your hands. Moving at many miles per hour. That's impressive any way you slice it, golf pun intended without even straining too much for it.

You know what else would've been worth investigating a little deeper before I got too far into this blog? Realizing that CBS made it sound like this world record was some novel achievement, only to find out that it was set all the way back in TWENTY-TWENTY-ONE.

Even though Armitage's game may not be in the best shape right now, he deserves some shine for this. Let's keep the good vibes rolling by flashing back to his biggest win at the 2021 Porsche European Open.

…And I was today years old when I discovered these details about Armitage's backstory, which makes all of this well worth the throwback share if you ask me:

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