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Jordan Poole Had The Perfect Response When Asked If He's Heard From Draymond Green Since The Trade To The Wizards

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

When we all saw the Woj bomb that Jordan Poole was headed to the Wizards in exchange for CP3, I think most of us all had the same assumption.

Draymond won.

At the time, we still didn't know if Draymond was coming back, and I don't think it would shock anyone if part of his negotiations with the Warriors was to make sure they got out of the Jordan Poole business. He was open after the season how the punch pretty much messed up their entire season, and it did feel like a "him or me" type of situation.

Well since the trade, Poole has been asked a few times about Draymond and each time he gives it the Heisman. There's really no point in him even addressing it at this point, which is whyb his latest reaction to this question was too perfect

I think this is really Poole's only play. Just act as if Draymond doesn't even exist. I'm sure they haven't been texting back and forth since the trade, and that's fine too. Why does Draymond have to reach out to Jordan Poole? They aren't teammates, everyone hated each other while they were teammates, and last time I checked he punched him right in the face. I'm not sure what that reporter was going for here, but it's obvious Poole isn't going to take the bait when it comes to this topic. It's smart because you know if he did say anything, whatever that response is would probably lead Draymond's next podcast. That's a headache I'm sure Poole wants nothing to do with.

Think about your own life. When you make a life change, maybe it's moving to a new city for a new job, the last thing you want to do is repeatedly talk about what forced you to move. You turn the page and only look forward. You especially don't want to talk about it at your intro presser for your new team. I actually commend Poole for taking the high road here. While it does suck to get sucker punched, it did help him land that $123M deal. And while you may see going from GS to WSH as a negative, let's not forget that Poole already has a ring and now he gets to go to a team where he'll be allowed to take 20-25 shots a night. Would it surprise anyone if he's flipped for assets in a few seasons if he plays well? Something tells me Poole is going to be just fine.

My guess is this will die down until we get our first Warriors/Wizards game, where I have a feeling Poole is going to try and do his best to get Draymond into space. While Poole may not be talking shit in that video, he's definitely going to talk shit on the court and we know Draymond won't be able to resist. That's what I care about, not random quotes in July when we still have 3 months to go before the season starts. 

Until then, Poole should just keep dodging the question. We all know how he feels anyway.