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Some Dude Ran On Stage During Peso Pluma's Concert, Security Guard Delivers A Perfect Truck Stick To Send Him Flying

This is it. This is the moment that security guard has been practicing for. This goes 1 of 2 ways and this is the positive one. The only other outcome is the security guard missing the guy, sending himself flying and going viral for stinking at his job. Instead he delivered a hit that would be a 15-year penalty because of Goodell. Make no bones about it, this is a good, clean hit. Lowered his shoulder, no head-to-head hit and sent this dude flying. 

All I know is if I'm another artist, I'm hiring this security guard ASAP. Every day there seems to be a blog about someone getting hit with a thrown object on stage. Not on this guy's watch. He probably catches it and sends it back. I won't lie, I have no idea who this Peso Pluma fella is, but he appears to be massive. A 24-year old Mexican rapper who is all over the place now: 

But he's second now. The security guard is the real star. This isn't even hardo security guard that we see from time to time. This is a man doing his job and for that I applaud him. It's called sending a message. Don't you dare think about getting on this stage as long as I'm around. You will get sends to the depths of hell with a running shoulder that makes any wrestling fan proud. A+ move to stand over the fan too. This isn't a DB celebrating the quarterback overthrowing a receiver by 15 yards. This is a guy admiring his work. Head on a swivel around this guy.