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A New Era: Freshly Sliced Deli Meat Is Now Being Served At Subways Nationwide

CNN Business- To undercut its fast-growing rivals, Subway is making a big change to its meats. The chain’s roughly 20,000 US locations will freshly slice their deli meat beginning Wednesday, marking Subway’s biggest change since two years ago, when it began refreshing its menu offerings, ingredients and restaurant appearances to boost once-sagging sales and make itself an attractive acquisition target. 

Subway has struggled in recent years as competition in the industry has ramped up, and the staid brand has fallen out of favor with customers. As part of its turnaround effort, the company added customization to its menu – a feature many rivals have popularized – which helped lift sales nearly 8% at American stores last year. Subway doubled down on pushing orders to its app, which helped digital sales. Fresh-sliced meat is another step in that direction, although the payoff remains to be seen.

Is Subway sandwich-specific news worthy of a blog on Barstool Sports dot com? I have no fucking idea, but you know what I do know? That I fucking love Subway (despite anything associated with Jared from Subway, obviously) sandwiches. I grew up mere blocks from my local Subway and grew up going basically every Saturday with my pals and still order the same darn sandwich to this day whenever I'm lucky enough to enjoy a footlong from said establishment. Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, Mozzarella, Toasted, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers, Jalapeños, Banana Peppers, and most importantly the Chipotle Southwest sauce. It's an order fit for a renegade yet it fucking GOES. Do not sleep on the chipotle southwest sauce as a sauce worthy of being in the sauce Hall of Fame, I'm not gonna say it's a first ballot Hall of Famer though it's close. Think of it like the Mike Piazza of sauces.

ANYWAY clearly I'm a fan so I was pretty thrilled when I saw this headline today. I already enjoy the sangys and now you're going to tell me they're freshly slicing the meat right in front of us in their effort to turn around the business? I LOVE IT. My dumb brain was happy with the non-fresh stuff and now you're gonna give me the real good stuff? Yes, yes, yes 10 times over. And now after a simply headline I will be going to Subway at some point this week. Thinking of that classic order I mentioned above with fresh roast beef? SHEESH. Here's to hoping this turns Subway around!