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EA Sports Dropped The First Trailer For Its New Soccer Game (RIPIP FIFA) And There's Real Hope The Game Will Actually Be Good

Alright, there it is. Reading Twitter it seems like most people are excited for this. For me, it's simple. Make career mode better. That's the fix I want the most from the old FIFA games. I don't need the extreme of NBA2k with all the off the court shit that you have to do. Just make it better than what it was. 

That said, it's still weird not seeing FIFA 24. I mean FIFA was a staple of games for everyone since the early/mid-2000s. Whether you enjoyed soccer or not, there's a good shot you played FIFA. It was in the rotation at every college house I lived in and all you had to do was master the pass down the side before a cross in. Unstoppable if you had that play down. 

Now for this teaser or trailer or whatever you want to call it, how about Jesus Ferriera making an appearance? I blame Gregg for having an MLS guy on there and not Pulisic, Reyna, Weah, Musah or someone like that. 

He might be a Gold Cup legend, but come on now. 

There's some obvious problems with this too. People complaining about how guys look, how Haaland walks, all that stuff. Whatever, that's shit I can look past if the gameplay is decent enough. Am I still going to buy this even if I end up hating it? Of course. That's half the battle with video games. Shit, people complain about Madden every single year yet here we are playing it. 

The full trailer drops later this week. Just make career mode good. That's the slogan.