This Kid Fed Up With His Mom After Being Given A Protein Style In-N-Out Burger Is My Hero

What a stud! Now before I get into this blog I want to acknowledge that it's definitely for the better if our youth eats a little healthier than we have been because, hey, I can easily admit I probably should've had a few less burgers than I did when I was a wee lad so I can VERY MUCH see where this kids mom is coming from hitting him with a protein style burger at In-N-Out! Now having said that though, I feel like in healthy eating you gotta choose your battles and a healthy In-N-Out trip is a tough trip to do. 

If you're lucky enough to be able to the delectable taste of In-N-Out (obviously us east coasters are very deprived of it) you simply GOTTA go all in on it. You gotta get that beautiful bread bun, you gotta go with double meat patties, and you'd be a dumb dumb to not go animal style. Those are just the rite of passage type of things when you go over there. Not to mention I still could barely take the texture of lettuce as an adult (god I hate calling myself an adult) so I can only imagine the pure distaste in our new friends soul as he was presented that lettuce-wrapped burger. His reaction was priceless. Our hero. Hope our man has been enjoying some animal style fries ever since.