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Pour One Out For Brandon Sproat, Who Returned To School After Getting Drafted By The Mets Last Year Only To Get Drafted By Them Again

I feel so bad for this guy. Brandon Sproat went back to school for an extra season instead of signing a nice professional baseball contract in 2022 to avoid playing in the New York Mets organization only to be greeted with the same fate one year later. That's the definition of pain.

You have a 3 percent chance of being selected by any given team in the MLB Draft, which means you have a 0.1 percent chance of being selected by that team twice. Sproat hit the opposite of the lottery.

I normally wouldn't cry about the plight of a Florida Gator, but it's sad to see any kid's lifelong dream dashed twice by an organization as incompetent as the Mets. I hope for this guy's sake he's traded as soon as possible to a team that takes winning and development seriously.

Sproat didn't even try to pretend to be excited when filming something for the Mets to put on social media. This poor guy, man.