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Wife Finds Husband's Hidden OnlyFans Account And Confronts Him In A Dastardly Way

Apparently, my husband is into onlyfans

I opened his phone, upon his request. There was a tab still open on some girls only fans.I screenshot her picture and set it as his background.We've discussed my issue with porn when its so....personal. I don't like it. She makes videos that are clearly meant to be perceived as between her and the watcher.Especially when it's costing us money, which is scarce right now with him not working.Don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with her or those who make their money that way. I'm just hurt that she looked so opposite from me. I'm hurt he did this, again.

Well well well. Isn't this just a tale as old as time? When it comes to porn, some people care if you are watching others sexually gratify themselves so that you can sexually gratify your own self and some people don't. 

So is this woman's concern fair? Oh yeah. It's fair. 

Listen, folks watch porn. It's just the level to which they will watch others being really really really really sexy that's the issue and those boundaries are up to the individual couple, but the way this lady confronted her husband should a chill down the spine of every man who is married to a woman. 

When I was younger and in my prime horny stage, I used to love the busty look of one Tyra Banks. 

STAN HONDA. Getty Images.

I had found some Victoria's Secret catalogs and were keeping those under my mattress so I could take them out and look at the newest lines that Victoria was offering her customers. Some of my favorite seasonal attires were the bras and shit that were kinda satiny so you could sneak a quick glance at -what some would say is - an outer nipple. That shit was awesome. Getting a nip slip back in the day made your day. You couldn't have expected that when your day started so a nipple was the good shit in pre-internet days. 

Things are different now. You've got all kinds of nakeds at your disposal. You can watch people twerking and stuff, swinging titties, long boobs on reddit which shows some of the thinnest tits you've ever seen, full-out make-outs, full-out lesbian make-outs, MMF, FFM, FFFM, anal, cumshots, gross stuff with like pee and whatnot, beautiful lovemaking between a husband and a wife plus one other friend, facesitting, pizza driver stuff, step stuff, cake farts, podcast creators their wives and a random person every week, and everything in between. It's wild. BUT, it's always been people you don't know or people you don't consider to be real-life people. You're like, "That lady with roughly 3 pounds of cum in her eye is just an AI kinda person. No one really has that much cum in your eye. The salt content would kill and possibly lead to an infection."

And all of that is free. 

OnlyFans you pay for. You pay to see people who aren't in the normal porn world. It feels a little more naughty right? People love it because it's like a computer version of looking into someone's window with binoculars while they are showering or fucking, ya know? So I could see why a spouse wouldn't be into that. Desire her goodies, some'd say. 

Back to Tyra Banks, when those catalogs were under my bed, I thought they were completely out of sight and out of mind. One day I came home and all the stiff catalogs (they arrived in the mail that way. Very very stiff) were slung on my bed. There's no chance I would have done that myself so I knew it could have only been the other person who occasionally cleaned my room up. I felt sick. I was caught. I was a nasty little worm. 


So when the wife in this situation puts the images as his home screen, he was cooked. He knows it. She knew it. We know it. If something unsavory is on your home screen, you are fucked. It's as simple as that. Well, not fucked I guess unless you're doing it to yourself with your little internet women smh. I hope those "natural biggins" influencers were worth it.