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The Crowd Booed The Astros So Loud At The MLB Draft That Rob Manfred Could Barely Get His Words Out

What a fantastic "booing" performance by the crowd last night in Seattle. MLB wanted to have fans at the draft and they knew what would happen. Like every NFL and NHL draft, the commissioner gets booed to the high heavens. Non-stop boos raining down over every word that's spoken. But what happens when you combine the worst commissioner in sports, the most hated team in baseball with the biggest cheating scandal in 100 years, and a live crowd? You get this masterpiece. 

It was a perfect storm of shit that fans in baseball love to boo. I personally don't care about the Astros cheating, never really did, but man do baseball fans not forget. Factor in that the Seattle crowd had to watch the Astros make a mockery of them in the playoffs last year, you just knew we were in for a first ballot "booing." The look on Manfred's face alone says it all....


He tripped over every word he said. He actually paused and gave that look, and then finished the pick. This guy let the boos get to him and let the crowd win. Goodell plays it up and has fun with it. Manfred looks like he is taking these boos 100% personally, and he should because he sucks. 

I didn't expect to see him still letting these boos wreck his night by the time we got to Houston's pick. I mean he's basically screaming mid-way through the pick because he couldn't hear himself think. The fans in Seattle for sure got in Robbie's head. Hats off to them.

This is what I picture Manfred doing after he finished the pick…..