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WATCH: Dad Runs Down To Chirp Umpire At His Kid's Baseball Game, Immediately Tears Every Bone In His Leg

I can't stop watching this video. True moments before disaster stuff captured here. It's perfect. The woman recording yelling "SOMEBODY HELP HIM" and the guy yelling "God don't like ugly" seconds after this dad probably tore his MCL, ACL, UCL, and a bunch of other bones you've probably never even heard of. Maybe the quickest I've ever seen karma work. To make matters worse, some lady just happened to be recording his antics of yelling at the umpire and kept it rolling and now he's a viral meme on the Internet. I need an official diagnosis on those knees. Looked like Vince McMahon tearing both his quads in the 2005 Royal Rumble:

Dad thought he was just gonna go see little Timmy play a baseball game and instead he's on a stretcher getting carried off after making a fool of himself heckling the umpire. I know a 12-14 month recovery when I see it. You coulda kinda tell that the spectators around him were so tired of his shit once they saw this happened they were contemplating even helping him. Imagine they just left him laying there to watch the rest of the game? Losing your knees over some summer travel ball is some nasty work. 

An underrated part of this video too is the lady who has a whole traveling fan with her. Mom of the year. You know she's not pulling up to watch God knows how many hours of baseball without that big ass fan. Respect. I couldn't write this blog without seeing if there was a part 2, and sure enough, that woman was ready to hit record to see pops getting carried out to add even more embarrassment:

Rough day at the ballpark indeed.