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It's a Shame We Won't Get To See Elly De La Cruz In The All Star Game

Nobody and I mean nobody has cared about the Reds in so fucking long. It only took Elly De La Cruz to play 30 games for the Reds to become America's team. He is batting .325, and yes fucking batting average does matter you stupid nerds. On top of that he's swiped 16 stolen bases and been only caught twice. While also being an amazing talent he brings personality to baseball. If you really think about it, yes we have so many young guys who are unreal at baseball, but there are no fun personalities whatsoever. In basketball they basically have their own soap opera and in baseball the best players rarely have a personality. And on the rare instance they do, Major League Baseball doesn't care to showcase any of them. 

I do not care what the qualifications are and I don't care if there isn't any room right now. In baseball he is a top two name. Yes, I said it, it's Shohei Ohtani and him. Just this week he went after a manager for celebrating too much and stole three bases in one inning. You could watch an entire season of a team and not get that much excitement all year. They asked him to be in the Home Run Derby and he said he just wants to worry about the Reds right now which honestly makes me like him more. It just sucks he won't be out there on Tuesday because he'd make it that much more watchable. They should honestly just have him race anyone who is up for the challenge just so we can laugh at his speed. Bring out players from different sports and make them all look like fools. That's how you get people to tune in.