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Juan Soto Kicking A Glove Into Fernando Tatis Jr.'s Balls Is The Perfect Metaphor For The Padres Season So Far

The kick is up....and it's GOOD! Tatis Jr. goes down and how can you blame him? It doesn't take the hardest hit to the balls to send a man down to the ground. Maybe, just maybe this is why the Padres are a bad baseball team. They have their stars focusing on hitting other stars in the plums with their gloves instead of hitting in baserunners with their bats. 

But in the end, this is just guys being dudes. Players do stuff like this in the locker room all the time and this one just happened to get caught on camera during a pitching change. This whole video is very accurate representation of how Padres fans have felt all year though, just a kick right to the dick. All of San Diego can relate to Tatis Jr. on the ground. Maybe stick to handshakes and hugs next time while saving the hits for when they are at the plate. No need to inflict anymore pain than everyone has gone through so far this season.