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Dumping Them Out: Keifer Sykes Appreciation Blog

Welcome back to another episode of Dumping Them Out. Currently writing this from my parents house over a breakfast of peach cobbler, vanilla ice cream and coffee. I was promised a breakfast of french toast, but apparently waking up at noon is "too late" for breakfast. Not that I'm annoyed about it or anything, it's just funny that a man can be promised a delicious breakfast of his mother's famous french toast, but can't simultaneously sleep in on his final day of vacation. 

The thing is my mom is going to read this and take that seriously. It's ok mom. The peach cobbler and ice cream is an equally effective breakfast. I mostly just say whatever is currently happening in my life when I write this to fill up space between the Boob GIFs.

There's also 2 of my dad's random college students in my parents living room right now that I don't have an explanation for. They're singing Olivia Rodrigo right now. Not really sure what's happening here. Might be time for me to go back New York.

I was watching the NBA Summer League on Friday and it made me think about what might be the most hilarious record in the NBA. Which of course is, "Most Summer League Games Played". Luckily, I was able to find the statistics. Congratulations to the legends Jack Cooley and Dionte Christmas for their outstanding accomplishment in the world "almost good enough for the NBA" basketball with 32 games played.

But Jack Cooley and Dionte Christmas are no longer in the Summer League. So I wanted to find out the current league leader in Summer League games played, so see if there's a Summer League king out there who has a shot at the career record. Though a series of clicks, the modern day NBA Summer League king is none other than…..

Urbanandsport. Shutterstock Images.

Keifer Sykes - 18 Summer League Games Played (and counting!)

That took a heroic effort from me to find that. I'm sure people are used to searching for stats could have done it in about 5 minutes. Or anybody with even a baseline level of knowledge of what players are still playing in the NBA. Personally, I had to run through the entire list of "most career Summer League games played", and perform a Google search for every player to determine if they were on a roster. Keifer Sykes was the 96th player I searched. When I type that out that sounds even dumber. There must have been a better way to go about that. 

Keifer Sykes is on the Detroit Pistons Summer League roster this year. If he can somehow return for about 5 more Summer League seasons, he'll have a shot at the record.

There are also a couple more players, Bruno Coboclo (26 games), and Deonte Burton (21 games), who were in the Summer League as of last year, but it appears they are no longer on a roster. But if either of them decide to make a comeback, they'll be the new kings of the league.

I'm not sure if they still do this, but in at least one of those European professional hockey leagues, the league leader in goals would wear a golden helmet during the games to signify that he was the leading scorer. I think the Summer League should incorporate that for the player with the most games played. Keifer Sykes should wear some sort of golden headband, or even a festive hat to signify his incredible achievement.

The college students have officially left. They were here for 2 hours. Still never got an explanation for what they were doing here. 

One of my best friends from high school got married last weekend in my hometown of Bowling Green. The night before his wedding, we hung out in my parents basement because they have arguably the sickest game set up I've ever seen. In the basement they have a pool table, ping pong table, shuffle board table, dart board, bubble hockey table, and all the necessary equipment for a game of mini-hockey. 

This probably doesn't transfer to being hilarious in real life, but for some reason when we were playing Bubble Hockey (aka Super Chexx), I was fucking dying at the idea of living in an apartment where your upstairs neighbor got Super Chexx machine that they played all the time (it's loud as hell). Specifically they played a lot at night. Then every time you had guests over, before you went to sleep, you would have to be like, "Yeah sorry about the noise my upstairs neighbors got a Super Chexx machine." Then eventually it gets so bad that you have to negotiate with your neighbors what times are acceptable for them to play their Super Chexx machine. Definitely not as funny when typed out. But at 1am off a large edible that was the funniest scenario I'd ever heard in my entire life.

Also, I've heard rumors that the new Barstool New York office is going to have a pool table. If that's true, I'm about the introduce the world to the best new game that's going to sweep the nation. It's called Zork. My brothers invented it and it's fantastic. We played last night until about 1:30am. Was completely dripping with sweat. Looked something like this.