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RIP Victor Wembanyama's Career: Spurs No. 1 Pick Is The Biggest Bust In NBA History After Disastrous Summer League Debut

Abominable. Embarrassing. Victor Wembanyama was supposed to be the best NBA Draft prospect since LeBron James, and after one Summer League game, it's clear the French "phenom" is nowhere near The King's orbit. Nor will he ever be. Wembanyama legitimately blows at basketball.

Wemby admitted afterwards he doesn't even know how to play the sport:

Makes sense. When you're 7-foot-5 and you dance around on the perimeter like a 6-foot-2 guard, something may be amiss. What are you, bro? Not a center. Not strong enough!!!!!

I mean, to brick ELEVEN of your 13 shots from the field against multiple players who'll be lucky to make an NBA roster? What are we even doing here? The scrub competition pretty much negates Wemby's five blocked shots. Those don't mean shit. Just look at what happened to his poor, rail-thin self on this one play:

Yeah man good luck bodying up any above-average NBA players with that slow-twitch reaction time on the back side. Even better, Spurs GM Brian Wright was locked in on the whole scene.

Look at the guy who was drafted right after Wemby, Brandon Miller, end the kid's life in real time if that were possible on a crossover:

Oh, and that shooting form of Wemby's? Broken beyond repair.

"Lost all confidence" for sure. There is zero confidence. Victor Wembanyama is a 19-year-old giant with the mind of an ant. He will never recover from this.

Wright has to be shaking in his boots. Michelle Beadle, wherever she went, is probably gorging on a tub of ice cream and weeping somewhere. Sources tell me Gregg Popovich was ready to submit his retirement papers prior to the not-rigged-at-all lottery breaking in San Antonio's favor. After Wemby's summer debut, you can bet Gregg is having second thoughts.

If Wemby can't hang with the man-boys of summer, how the fuck is he going to drag the Spurs' trash-ass roster to play-in contention? HE'S NOT EVEN IN SHAPE!!!!!!!

Totally unprofessional. What an ingrate. Did Wemby think he could just waltz onto an American court and dominate? What a naive, stupid little child. The lack of maturity, wherewithal and decency to pull up in proper athletic condition is mind-boggling to say the least.

So to recap: Lacking professionalism, a busted jumper, ankles that can't hold up to a basic crossover, lacking strength to avoid getting posterized, and failing to destroy everyone in his path when he's allegedly talented than everyone he shared the court with combined.

Yeah, red flags all over the place for Victor Wembanyama. He fucking sucks. His career is over. Put a fork in him but don't really put a fork in him because he'd cry since he's so soft.

Sequences like this are a total fluke:

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