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Kai Jones Just Ended The Victor Wembanyama Hype Train By Dunking It Directly On His Head

This is it. This is the play that everyone who wants to call Victor a bust will point to. Does it matter that it's Summer League? For sure not. Does it matter if this game flat out sucks and the game reminds me of watching an early January Horizon League game? Absolutely not. Kai Jones (New York Knicks draft pick mind you) just dunked on Vic. That's the headline. That's the thing that matters. No one gives a shit if Victor's passing is outrageously good. No one gives a shit that Wemby is out here looking absurd with that height and ball handling. Nope. This is what Summer League is all about, to make outrageous statements on fake games. 

Tough week for Victor. I mean sure he's done nothing per se. But you have your security guard hit Britney, now getting dunked on by Kai Jones. The bust talk will never be louder because there isn't anything else to talk about right now. Everyone knows the rules. Summer League is where every hype begins and ends and only serious takes can be allowed.