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"They Lucky I Wasn't Able To Play Because I Would've Killed These Boys" - Anthony Edwards Out In Vegas Continues To Be The Best Interview In The NBA

Rocky Widner. Getty Images.

Anthony Edwards is having a pretty decent summer if you ask me. Things obviously started with securing his massive 5/$260M max extension

which by itself would be enough to hang things up and call this summer a win. Not only was this something the Wolves had to do, I'd say Edwards has certainly shown enough to warrant it. Sure their cap might look a little crazy considering they are paying their frontcourt $72M next season, but we can worry about that later. This isn't a blog about the Wolves cap situation, this is a blog about how Anthony Edwards continues to be one of the best interviews we have in all of sports.

Seeing as how the entire NBA world is out in Vegas with the Summer League starting today, of course Ant was in the building and of course the camera's found him

Some might call this cocky or arrogant, I call it telling the truth. Something tells me this guy would have been an absolute problem in Vegas his rookie year considering this is the shit he did once the games actually counted

But that interview also had me thinking back to all the great Edwards quotes we've had over the years, and if there's one thing I will always get behind it's putting a microphone or a camera in front of Edwards and letting hilarity ensue

As a reminder, Edwards is about to enter his age 22 season. He's already up to a career 21.8/5.1/3.7 on 44/35% guy including putting up 24.6 a game last year on 45/36% splits while making his first career All Star game. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what he's probably going to turn into as a player, and the version we have right now is already good as hell. Imagine what he might look like at 25, still years away from when guys hit their "NBA prime" seasons? He's even showing up in the playoffs in the limited sample we've seen so far

So yeah, if this guy is telling us he would have killed the entire Summer League field back in his rookie season, I'm inclined to believe him. 

In fact, I'd like to take this one step further. These in game interviews are cool, but who would object to giving Ant a headset and having him call the Wolves games if he's in the gym? Talk about entertainment. I'd much rather listen to whatever the hell he says than a normal broadcasting crew because he's shown us time and time again he has the juice. 

Now if you're still somehow working this late on a Friday in the summer, don't worry. Here are 32 minutes of Edwards' 2023 season to take you through the rest of your workday