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Day 1 Of The WSOP Main Event: CONQUERED - We're Onto Day 2


With over 9,000 entries (and counting), the 2023 WSOP Main Event is officially the biggest live poker tournament of all-time and we're right in the thick of the dickens. Here's a recap of leading up to this year's $10K Main Event and how the comment section reacted overwhelmingly positive, encouraging, and totally not beyond deranged to my recent poker success: 


As for this year's Main, here's how we started: 

And how it's going:

Decent day. Rise, grind, fight. That's my motto I just made up, baby. Why not. It looks like we're ranked 191 out of 3000+ who made it out of the 1D flight and roughly 400 out of the 7000+ remaining (all chip counts can be looked up HERE).

We'll take it.

Look, we've been down this road before with getting a bag early and ended up with only shaft in my hands. It's a LONG tournament to go to even cash, let alone make a deep run or even win. I played for 10+ hours yesterday on "East Coast with a toddler and newborn" time and I'm not gonna lie, we were spent towards the end of gameplay. Can't get cocky and complacency is dangerous. It's a Odysseus-like grind and it can't be won in a single day, but it sure as shit can be all lost in a single minute. Gotta keep fighting the good fight. 

Every. Single. Hand. 

Day off today with Day 2 cracking tomorrow at noon (3pm EST). Maybe we'll get on another featured table this year for the people and maybe, just maybe, win normal hands instead of having to make what Nick Schulman called, "One of the greatest folds I've ever seen."


Cracking Aces cohorts Nate and Jake are out, unfortunately. Hopefully we'll meet up with former Barstol/current Brick Watch Employees at The Crossroads.